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Our Services

Welcome to Motivational Workshops. In this one day certified motivational coaching workshop, you, your team or staff, student or teenage child, will be inspired by an in-depth personal realisation coaching program.  By the end of the day's workshop, you will know what your core values are, and what direction you want to head in. You will connect directly with your true potential, be motivated in rediscovering your innate confidence, and leave the program feeling a strong sense of self belief. 

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We start our one day motivational workshop with an hour yoga class and a chakra scan.  We use yoga as a tool to become present. We detach from our daily lives, to energise ourselves through movement and blood circulation. Yoga is used to calm the nervous system and to gain insight into our sense of self. Preparing us for the full program ahead. 

Identify Key Personal Core Values

We base all our decisions in life from our core values. Our goals and beliefs in life stem from our values.  The main drive of the motivational workshop is to very clearly understand and connect with these core values.  

Visualisation Meditation

We use visualisation meditation as a means to connect with our true desires and aspirations, and to reinforce our ideals for the future. It is deeply relaxing and affective. 

Food as a source of Vitality & Inspiration

Healthy and inspiring food will be served for lunch. Sugar balancing snacks,  tea's and coffee's will be served throughout the day. 

Film as a Tool for Reflection

Each participant is asked to watch a selected motivational film, leading up to the days workshop. The inspiring film acts as a tool to support the days narrative and intention. It is an inspiring true life story, which reinforces the understanding of what our core values are. 

Aligning Values With Goals

We address our goals as a tool in this workshop to reinforce what our core values are. Once the core values are identified and are 100% reinforced, we identify and connect with our goals briefly to highlight the nature of our values. 

Group Trust Exercises

These exercises are performed as a means to take you out of your comfort zone.  You are not in control of the process. As a result, real feelings, fears and emotions arise.  Often reflective in our daily life, but usually hidden under the surface. These exercises expose an authentic truth.  

Creativity Branches

From birth, humans are all creative. This is an extremely effective and holistic part of the program. It nurtures the creative source, and evokes a strong sense of pride and joy. Everything culminated from the full days motivational program will reveal itself on the Values Branch. This will serve as a valuable visual tool that you take home with you. 

Tools and Techniques

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What Our Clients Say

Deborah Krabbé-Wietzes (Head of Customer Experience and User Experience Commercial Banking bij ABN AMRO Bank N.V.)

" Reflecting on what is important to me helped me get closer to the real me.
Jeannette asked exactly the right questions to trigger my values and
beliefs on a much deeper level than I thought existed.
Once this was clear to me, it was also clear what my next steps should be.
Both in my professional life and in my private life. Thank you Jeannette!"

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jen rodd (5000 × 5000 px) (15).png

 The Motivational Workshop is a reliable and trustworthy source for inspiration, motivation and clarity. The foundation of the workshop stems from Jen Rodd's Certified and Trained NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques. The inspiration to trigger people in their careers, and motivate and inspire them in their lives in general, originated during her time in London.


While running Enjen Solutions, the Award Winning Engineering Recruitment Business, Jen recognised that often people would look for jobs, or choose careers without much thought for the whole picture. A job was a job, and what they actually desired in life was under the surface, a distant dream. When asked the right questions, this poignant awareness and insight would reveal itself. 


Likewise, employers would hire people without much awareness and knowledge of who the new recruit truly was. The position needed to be filled.  Enter the corporate world!


Jen Rodd's international business, recruitment, career, life coaching, biographical life story interviewing, media, artistic and yoga teacher experience, all together culminated into a unique and invaluable corporate and holistic array of tools, techniques and perspectives. All of which Jen includes in any one of her full day's program. 

The workshops are tailor-made, proven to inspire, motivate, coach, and enlighten. 


Every workshop is designed specifically to suite the need of the client:  

Corporate client:

- motivate and inspire their staff 

Corporate client: 

- team building event

Private coaching:

-one-one intimate process

Small private groups ( schools, small businesses, clubs etc )

- creating an invaluable personal and group experience 

Career coaching:

- solidify the role you are currently in, or change course entirely

Small business start up:

- support & coaching


- transition back into the corporate or professional environment

Releasing/Retrenching/Redundancy of staff members  

- coaching and transitioning on their exit


- relationship strengthening

The aim of every workshop is to inspire, motivate and bring clarity to people. Motivational Workshop helps people get to know themselves better.  By helping them understand themselves better, this empowers people to make clearer, more conscious personal, and professional choices.


The individual grows and expands their personal awareness.  The company thrives and benefits from working with a team of individuals who have more meaning and zest for life. Professionally or privately, you will  have more clarity of mind, and a positive and reinforced outlook on life.  





Therapy Session

Example Service Description

This One-Day Motivational Workshop Combines NLP Methods and Resources, Movement, Motivation, Coaching and Creativity. 

This is an intensive and life altering workshop which address each participant on an intricate level.

  • Who Are You ?

  • What Really Matters to You in Life ?

  • What is Your Reason for Being Here?  

  • What Motivates You ?

  • What are Your Dreams ?

  • What are Your Goals?  

Highly interactive, analytical, creative, and to the point.


  • A deep understanding of what their values are

  • A profound connection of self

  • What is important to them in life

  • What is holding them back

  • What do they need to change

  • How aligned are they truly with their job

  • Are they following their passion, if not then what?



  • An enormous amount of clarity

  • A real sense of confidence

  • A great sense of peace

  • A great sense of vision for the future

  • A strong sense of support

  • A strong sense of self love and care

  • A feeling of determination and vitality

  • Intrinsic motivation 



Part 1:    Meet and greet ( placing "One Item" ) 

Part 2:    Move to the Yoga Mats Guided Meditation

               Chakra Scan 

Part 3:     Introducing Jen Rodd, Motivational & Background story

Part 4:    Values Elicitation - Part one (Three Hours) 

Part 5:     Tea

Part 6:     Values Elicitation Continued (One hour )

Part 7:      Nature Exercise (feet on the grass, back to nature)


Part 8:      Values Elicitation - (Part Two)


Part 9:      Lunch


Part 10:     Yoga Nidra


Part 11:      Stand up "One Item"


Part 12:      Trust Exercise


Part 13:      Creative Fun Explosion with wood, color, glue and paper.


Part 14:      "Values Branch" Presentation


Part 15:       Close off Drink


Part 16:        Farewell

jen rodd (5000 × 5000 px) (5).png
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